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Necklace. Women’s secret weapon. Accessory in which she is easily recognizable. Ukrainian many-stranded beads are the reminder of our roots and essence. It is a symbol of the most valuable carefully collected experience. Reliance which for centuries helped women to feel valid. SVITLO knows that the necklace is designed to help us, modern women. Because we are ready to take from the mother, grandmother, great-grandmother all the power of women of our race, to complement it with our courage and freedom, to add to the family necklaces our unique strands. Necklace and woman explore each other. The necklace calls his chosen one to give the gift of feeling her own feminine power and that invisible thread that connects her with the higher powers of the universe. For SVITLO beads, wreaths, rings and other interesting accessories that we find in the rich Ukrainian history and transfer into the present is surely an article of clothing. But they are also something more. For us SVITLO is the key to the door that opens to the woman her unique beautiful self! We are creating these keys for you! With love!