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About Us

Light mission – is to carry the history of the nation through the generations. We write it with traditional Ukrainian embroidery on silk, cotton, linen ... Ukrainian embroidery is well known throughout the world, and the popularity of Ukrainian ethnics is increasing rapidly. The history of the brand SVITLO began in 2011 when Svetlana Kubrak and Natalya Shevchuk decided to create an exclusive clothing and accessories with ethnic elements. As a decoration SVITLO uses old patterns of family relics, ancient sewing techniques, rare motives of embroidery from the most picturesque parts of Ukraine. Combining modern ecological materials and comfortable cut, SVITLO designs exclusive dresses, embroideries, skirts, bags, necklaces and chaplets. All things are unique and made in a single copy. SVITLO is not a tribute to fashion on folk motives. It’s the link between generations that with the help of silk thread unites ancient history of the Ukrainian nation and its bright future. That's why SVITLO designers follow the latest trends in cut and color solutions and at the same time develop images that are timeless. So that’s how not only clothes and accessories appear, but family values that will be hand down from mother to daughter.

We have grown from the roots of the race, the crown stretching to the sun. To the God. We stopped being rebellious teenagers who deny everything, we have grown with the stem, found ourselves, our essence and feel the maturity from beginnings. We are ready to put on all the power of our race and not to get lost. We are ready to grow from our roots, adding a colorful and unique note. We are ready for our individuality! Ready to be expressive and visible! That’s how SVITLO visualizes women. The light illuminates, makes visible. The light is the true that really is. The light is about now. It is not baised, it doesn’t judge and dictate, it opens the true. The ray of light touches the human being and shows its truth, its essence, its soul.