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Clothes are the best way for self-presentation. The possibility to create that very lasting first impression about you, which is the key to a wonderful future communication. We all want to be modern, and often are not ready to open our individuality at once. And clothes can safely express it. Because its signal is able to catch only the one who is at the same wave. For all the rest it will just be beautiful, original, unique. SVITLO creates every piece of clothing in a single copy, so in any case it will look one-of-a-kind. At the same time, with SVITLO more is possible! SVITLO will open you to your fullest: a personality that brings the force of its kind, complementing and strengthening its own talents, deeds, wonderful spiritual qualities! Vintage embroidery helps us to weave a pinch of history, modern style – to reflect the present, qualitative natural fabrics – to provide comfort. Our handywomen with hearty touch turn all these discovered and carefully preserved components in a dress, shirt, bomber, kyrsetka. Unique. Just for you!